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Welcome to Bright Future Society

Bright Future Society (BFS) is Non-Profit and Non-Commercial an Organization registration Number: RP-1282, Under Society Act 1860 established in 1996.
Our Purpose

It’s an alarming situation that Pakistan is currently facing certain tasks and challenges which are affecting not only to a common citizen but its badly grabbing the roots of the nation specially Christians of Pakistan are becoming the victim of it. Bright Future Society is putting its efforts to meet such tasks and challenges to wipe out even the one percent (1%) of it by working on few projects for the betterment of the minorities

  • President (Pakistan)Award 2006
  • Military Award By Pak Army
  • US Consulate
  • Allama Iqbal Gold Medal
  • Quaid- e-Azam Gold Meda
  • Claas international
  • Fatima Jinnah Gold Medal
Our Mission

Our mission’s next step is to empower youth, women and children and proctecting human rights all the way through our projects / activities which are to eliminate poverty, literacy upgrading, relief services and feed hungry for free. Moreover, fuse and mobilize the worldwide Spirit-filled family in completing the enormous Commission of Jesus Christ. Human Care leads to a blessed.

Our Goals

Educational Development

Free Educational and technical Schools for the poor & needy person to upgrade literacy


We are providing medical treatment , relief services and mantaining people health


Food is the basic need of us we are providing food to poor people to eliminate hunger.

Human rights

We are working to protect human rights and fighting against humans right violation

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